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Custom-tailored travel programs designed exclusively for NYU Alumni
by Destination Partners.


An invitation from Destination Partners' President (and NYU Stern MBA '80):


"My wife and I just returned from a September trip to India, where we met with and briefed our local office, prepped the tour guides and made final site inspections of our hotels for the upcoming NYU Alumni tour. We’re happy to report all is in order and we are confident this promises to be one of the most exciting NYU Alumni trips yet.


India is one of our all-time personal favorite destinations (we just renewed our wedding vows on our 25th anniversary in Udaipur). So we’ve taken special care to make this trip special. Our upcoming April journey will explore a rich history dating back 2,000 years, shaped first by the spiritual teachings of Buddha and its Hindu manifestation; followed by centuries of powerful  Moghul dynasty rule; and then forged as the Jewel in The Crown” of the British Empire. And now 21st century India is claiming its own identity as a modern, high-tech, culturally hip and unabashedly nationalistic world power. 


Explore all these aspects of ancient and modern India as your senses are engaged as no other destination in the world. The sights, sounds and tastes of this country will truly astonish. Most memorable of course will be your interaction with the people of India. Their openness and warmth will deepen your connection with and understanding of this unique destination. 


As a proud NYU alum (Stern MBA ‘80) and President of Destination Partners, I hope you will join our fellow alums and guests on this memorable experience."



Jaipur on Foot – Evening Bazaar, Cuisine & Crafts of Old Jaipur
Read all about this new addition to our trip itinerary:

“From its creation in 1727 the royal families and nobles of Jaipur patronised the craftsmen and artisans of the city. These traditions continue to this day and as a result modern day Jaipur is considered by many as the craft capital of India. Traditional methods are still used to produce many valuable and highly prized items. Using skills passed down through generations, artisans and master craftsmen can be seen in the areas of this magnificent city. On this fascinating evening walk mingle and talk with the locals whilst sampling some of the regions culinary delights; try pakoras, aloo tiki, samosa and sweets   from some of the city’s most popular street food vendors. Observe local artisans in their workshops; jewelers and silversmiths, gold and silver foil makers.”

For more details and registration contact:


(239) 963-4282 ext #104


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Tanzania: January 01, 2021

Peru: July 07, 2021

Brazil: July 16, 2021


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