Founded by a NYU alumnus and his wife, Destination Partners is in many ways both a result and reflection of the global education espoused by New York University.


Destination Partners is a travel management company dedicated to helping universities, non-profits and corporations source, plan, manage & execute enriching travel programs and experiences that will connect people from around the world, making us all better global citizens.

Greetings fellow NYU alums,


As a NYU alum myself (Stern MBA ’80), it is truly a pleasure to introduce you to our exciting new Signature Series of travel programs created exclusively for NYU Alumni.


NYU’s global programs have played an important role in my personal and professional life which makes this initiative especially gratifying. Starting in 1979 with a semester abroad on Professor Altman’s ISP program in Rio de Janeiro, the travel seed was planted, and grew. It continues to this day with our travel management company, Destination Partners, designated a Preferred Supplier for all NYU student group travel programs. Suffice it to say: violet runs through our company’s veins. 

Now our partnership with the Alumni Office enables us to bring this passion and expertise to the alumni community. The increasingly global footprint of our alma mater offers alumni the chance for learning and meaningful connections on our programs featuring the NYU Global Academic Centers (11 centers and counting). Our Alumni Adventures are tailor made for alumni with the desire for more active and challenging travel experiences.


And all these trips promise a small group experience of 20 travelers maximum . . . and all 100% NYU alumni, friends and family. 


So we hope that all NYU alumni, recent grads as well as my fellow Boomers, will join us as we explore the NYU world.

Happy travels, 



Adam, a native New Yorker and a proud NYU alumnus, received his MBA from Stern in International Marketing in 1980 (spending a semester in Rio de Janeiro at UFRJ/ COPPEAD). After several years working in New York on Madison Avenue in the advertising industry, Adam combined his love of travel and marketing by opening Brazil Nuts Tours in 1984, a company dedicated to creating innovative special interest tours. In 2001 Adam and his wife and Co-Director, Maria Luisa Carter, opened Destination Partners to create quality group travel educational programs.

Peace of Mind Registration!

Hesitant to commit until the 2021 travel landscape becomes more clear?

We understand, so we are happy to accept registrations for this trip without asking for any financial commitment

until 60 days prior to departure

Simply select the registration link below for the program you are interested in and we will confirm you on the trip roster.

Then - only 60 days prior to departure - you will have the option of either canceling your registration without penlaty, OR confirming your place on the trip with full payment (Trip Cancellation Insurance available)

The payment due dates for each program are:

Tanzania: January 01, 2021

Peru: July 07, 2021

Brazil: July 16, 2021


That’s what we call “worry-free” registration!